Suicides of US troops

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"They will be committing suicide on the walls of Baghdad."

Mohammed Saaed al Sahaf
"They will be committing suicide on the walls of Baghdad."

Prophesies are not necessarily
fulfilled in the way or
in the timeframe
we humans expect them to be.
God works in mysterious ways.

Suicides in US Forces, a threatening fact
Washington Post.

- 22/02/2004 11:00:00  GMT

According to William Winkenwerder Jr.,

assistant secretary of defense for health affairs,

who discussed the suicides in a briefing last

month, that represents a rate of more than 13.5

per 100,000 troops, about 20 percent higher

than the recent Army average of 10.5 to 11.

The Pentagon plans to release the findings

of a team sent to Iraq last fall to investigate

the mental health of the troops, including suicides.

The number Winkenwerder cited does not include

cases under investigation, so the actual number

may be higher. It also excludes the suicides by

soldiers who have returned to the United States.

For instance, two soldiers undergoing

mental health treatment at Walter Reed

Army Medical Center in Washington

reportedly committed suicide there,

in July 2003 and last month.

In its weekly report on the treatment of returning

battlefield soldiers, the hospital never mentioned the


An official at Walter Reed said the deaths are

"suspected" suicides and are being investigated

by the Army's criminal division.

Stephen L. Robinson, who visits the hospital

regularly and is executive director of the National

Gulf War Resource Center, a nonprofit advocacy

group for veterans and soldiers, said there was

no public record of the deaths.

 "They just covered it up," he said.