Latest assault on children

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Israel Kills 13 year-old Child
Palestine-Israel, Politics, 2/11/2002

Israeli occupation forces shot dead thirteen year-old Samer Abu Mayala from Al-Thouri neighborhood of Occupied East Al-Quds (Jerusalem) after shooting him in the shoulder, reports the Palestine Media Center.

PMC also says the army also detained three of his friends after brutally beating them.

Eyewitnesses reported that a number of Israeli occupation soldiers chased five Palestinian boys in the Harajiyeh area and opened fire at them. Samer received a bullet in the shoulder and another boy received a bullet in the leg after Israeli authorities claimed that an Israeli woman had been stabbed in the area.

Witnesses added that the Israeli occupation soldiers viciously beat Samer and as soon as the child fell unconscious, an Israeli police officer lifted him and threw him to the ground. The ambulance then arrived and declared him dead shortly after.

The Israeli police reported three different versions to the incident. At first, they claimed that masked Palestinians opened fire at an Israeli patrol unit. Then they claimed that masked Palestinians opened fire at Israelis in the area. Finally, they claimed that masked Palestinians stabbed an Israeli woman and killed the child in retaliation.

The Israeli police further alleged that the boy died as a result of a heart attack after being captured by the Israeli occupation soldiers. However, eyewitnesses, quoted by PMC, confirmed that the child was murdered in cold blood as he was brutally beaten along with three of his friends.