October 21, 2002
P-O-W to Powell Take THAT you Brute
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Friday, October 18, 2002 12:15 AM EDT NEW YORK (AP) -- Secretary of State Colin Powell took a respite Thursday from the tense debate on a possible U.S.-led war against Iraq to make wisecracks about Iraqi President Saddam Hussein at a fundraiser known for political humor. "an honorable man" ------------------- A SENSE OF SHAME Colin Powell was once quoted, and this newsletter noted the quote, as saying that if he could change one thing about the USofA, it would be to restore a sense of shame. /"There can be no shame in a COUNTRY without honor." prior newsletter/ Apparently his association with the "dubya regime" has converted him from "an honorable man" to "a MAN without honor" -- and although remarks at the fundraiser were supposed to be "political humor" Powell took the opportunity to expound in a serious way about the "dubya warmongering" and that puts their campaign in the right context -- they are serious but their campaign is a huge JOKE!
Powell Says Disarming Iraq is Enough Story Filed: Sunday, October 20, 2002 2:50 PM EDT WASHINGTON (AP) -- Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has spoken of `regime change' in Iraq for at least 18 months, said Sunday the United States might not seek to remove Saddam Hussein if he abandoned his weapons of mass destruction. It was the latest in a series of recent comments by Powell that seemed to back away from the goal of deposing the Iraqi president, which remains Bush administration policy. `We think the Iraqi people would be a lot better off with a different leader, a different regime,' Powell said. `But the principal offense here is weapons of mass destruction, and that's what this (U.N.) resolution is working on. The major issue before us is disarmament.' The "MAJOR ISSUE" ought not to be disarmament; the major issue ought to be dropping sanctions and freeing Iraq from the "death grip" of the USofA. If Powell were serious about restoring a sense of shame he should start by restoring HIS own honor and henceforth his own shame. How does he live with the fact that he is participating in a charade that is aimed at killing off the Iraqis while usurping their right to the rich oil deposits under Iraq? Nothing short of resigning would restore his honor now. "an honorable man" --------------------- A SENSE OF HISTORY (excerpts from the speech of His Excellency Saddam Hussein on his inauguration for another seven-year term as President of Iraq) . . .Brothers and friends, You too are facing, each in his or her field, the coercion and evil brought by the futile policies of the United States. I believe you wish to see the US officials reconsider their policies towards other nations and people, as we wished them to do so in open letters addressed to them after the bloody events of the eleventh September, 2001. . . .But, as the Almighty says: "Thou canst not make the dead listen, nor canst thou cause the deaf to hear the call." And as the Arab poet said: " The living would have heard your call, But those you call on are lifeless." The Americans did not hear the call. They found it easier to take the road of blood and violence. . . . The road of blood can only lead to more blood. . . .this is a law of life, a law of human relationship not only in Iraq. The road of blood takes you to more blood. . . The American administrations have long been the product of the games of the Zionist lobby in the United States. They cannot see the facts as they are; . . . saving the world from the evils of the American administration whose aggressions are fueled by the Zionist alliance with big business and special influential interests, will spare the peoples of the United States the animosities, tragedies and sacrifices created by their administrations, especially the current administration. . .the American people /must/ take up their role in accordance with a humane outlook based on a desire for peace, stability, cooperation and fairness, with the support of the European nations. . . . the resilience of those aggressed /the Arab Nation/. . . is supported by freedom lovers all over the world. . . To the brothers and friends who have come to Iraq I say: I salute you and appreciate, in the name of the people of Iraq, the journey you have endured to come here and be with us on this occasion. I thank you for your appreciation of our people, your solidarity with us in defending our heritage, faith, existence, honor and sanctities in the face of those who hate humanity, and are therefore hated, isolated by humanity. /The "go-it-alone" Americans -- despised./ /"If the US and UK resist peace, the body politic must expel them." prior newsletter./ RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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