August 1, 2002
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Israeli radio: Israel decides to try Barghouthi and five colleagues Palestine-Israel, Politics, 7/12/2002 The Israeli radio on Thursday evening said that four Palestinian leaders in the Palestinian resistance movement will be tried in front of "civil courts" together with the secretary of the Fatah Movement in the West Bank Marwan Hussein Bargouthi under the charge of resisting occupation. The radio said that these Palestinian leaders are the two leaders of "al-Aqsa martyrs groups" in Nablus and Ramullah, Nasser Eweis, Nasser Abu Hameed, and Thabet Mardawi from the Islamic Jihad movement and Abbas al-Sayyed from the Hamas Movement. However, the spokesman for the Israeli ministry of justice announced that an open and civilian court trial for Barghouthi who has been arrested since April 15, will be made. The spokesman said that the ministry has not yet set a date for the trial, and he admitted that the Israeli military courts before which the Palestinians are tried under cases of resisting the Israeli occupation, do not usually operate in the open. "Resisting occupation" ------------------------- "If you're going to be raped anyway, just relax and enjoy it." Occupation is the political equivalent of gross sexual imposition which is, in Ohio, a crime and apparently the Palestinians are supposed to "relax and enjoy it." Which brings us to a "jumping off place" -- Arafat ecstatic ----------------- Who wouldn't be! "The chairman of the Palestinian Authority Yasser Arafat on Tuesday received a message from the French President Jacque Chirac and a telephone call from the secretary general of the Arab league Amr Moussa." Hey Jack Chirac and Amr Moussa in the same afternoon!!! Ya gotta love it! But PLEEEZZZ not rumdum ------------------------------------------ Don't quote him; you'll only encourage him. "Think back to Iraq, and the number of inspectors that were milling about that country for a good, long period and the difficulty they had -- except when prompted by defectors -- to know where things were," Rumsfeld said. Actually rumdum, it was NOT "good" and was much TOO long. The inspectors are a ruse and were always a "strawman" -- they were kept in Iraq "milling about" so that the USofA et al. could continue their persecution of Saddam and the Iraqis. If the inspectors were to complete their assignment how then could the USofA et al. justify continuing the sanctions? Make peace; that would be heroic. --------------------------------- "A man of peace" To call Ariel Sharon "a man of peace" is like calling a cowpie chocolate mousse. (prior newsletter) And yet another massacre [what was that about "blood libel"?] occurred with the zionist entity dropping a missile in a residential area to "target" ONE MAN. Killing 14 and wounding hundreds to say nothing of the terror that attaches to such idiocy is not what one might call "the RIGHT thing to do". Moral courage does not attach to acts of idiocy. Idiocy personified; take a memo ------------------------------------ Defensive [very offensive] secretary "when something happens that is close to that type of event, the plan is taken off the shelf, looked at, then recast and recalibrated to fit the fact pattern that actually occurred," Rumsfeld said. WHERE did they get this guy????? RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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