March 19, 2003
Abu Ben Adhem
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ". . . pray that the Holy Spirit (God Almighty,Allah,Jehovah) will work in the minds and hearts of the bush/blair contingent to teach them TO MAKE PEACE." to which God responded "you expect me to work IN THERE?" and the first thing He did was call the environmental people. "Is dubya ill?" ----------------------------- Proof positive - his behavior "Tomorrow will be a moment of truth" dubya said. Well, that is interesting -- since he has been waging just what he accused Saddam Hussein of waging -- a campaign of deception. Naji Sabri hit the nail on the head when he said "it is bush who should resign". Yes for several reasons: 1) he CANNOT tell the truth; 2) he does not have the personality/mental state to be President of the USofA ie leader of the world; 3) he laughs at all the wrong things!! 1) he CANNOT tell the truth -- Iraq is free of nuclear weapons -- dubya's claim that he is disarming Iraq is predicated on Iraq having nuclear capabilities -- Iraq DOES NOT. 2) he does not have the personality/mental state to be President -- (this newsletter was interrupted to bring you a copy of the letter sent to the US Senate which appears below): To: UNITED STATES SENATE Subject: INDICT AND IMPEACH There comes a time in the history of a country when it becomes imperative to stop the corruption -- our government has been corrupt for over two decades now. The latest regime is the most corrupt -- including oil speculation and the latest attempt to scare the Iraqis out of their rightful inheritance. The US Congress is empowered to impeach a President who is no longer fit for office and who has engaged in conduct that deceives, misleads,and imperils the lives of all American citizens. It is incumbent upon you as US Senators to take the lead and remove George W. Bush from office. He constitutes a threat to the security and safety of Americans; he constitutes a threat to the security and safety of the world. He has engaged in conduct unbecoming the Presidency. INDICT AND IMPEACH Most sincerely, Jean M. Temple,MBA Stand firm -------------------- dubya MUST resign Naji Sabri said of George W. Bush: he should resign; he should let the American people live in peace with the world. SO BE IT. "IRAQ shall be free; IRAQ shall not be bound; IRAQ shall be compensated." RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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