June 20, 2002
Take a memo. . .
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "These are the best of times these are the worst of times. . ." ----------------------------------- Days gone by: "You run circles around those guys out there." (C.Coombs,Goodyear,1972) Ok, guys, listen up and I'll fill you in on what you apparently haven't "gotten". . . Number one: There will be no peace in the Middle East until Palestine is restored. Number two: Palestinian refugees have the foremost right of repatriation -- they are called "refugees" because they had to take refuge against the violence of the Jewish "settlers" and have had to put up with them for 50 years. Number three: The so-called democracy of the "state of Israel" /Palestine/ must be dissolved and a true democratic government formed that includes ALL the people -- including the Palestinian refugees whom by now you should have repatriated. Got it? Now go out there and develop a six-month plan that sets the situation straight. The notion that there is no right or wrong to this is an attempt to obfuscate: -- there IS right and wrong. -- the Palestinians are in the right; the Jewish settlers, et al are in the wrong. -- the Palestinian Martyrs are right; those who call them "terrorists" are wrong. -- there are no civilians, ie "innocents", in the Jewish camp; they are all complicit in forcing the Palestinians into refugee camps. -- Martyrs give up their LIVES -- not their HOPE. If a person becomes a Palestinian Martyr it is NOT because they have given up hope but because they HAVE hope that "God will not leave the poor defenseless". "Greater love hath no man than this, that he(she) gives up his life for his friends." RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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