NEWSLETTER Issue #20 April 4, 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------ DEDICATED TO "Truth, Justice and the American Way" ------------------------------------------------------------------ N E W S F L A S H This just in --"BOZO swept from office on a WorldWideWave of Laughter" When informed of the news on April 1, 1998 that the sexual harassment suit brought by Paula Corbin Jones against him had been thrown out of Court by his former student "the Federal judge" [Why would a former student of his be the sitting judge? you might ask yourselves. No one has answered the question for me.], BOZO allegedly thought that the news was an April Fools' joke. And indeed it was -- like teacher like student. He had flashed his "front exposure" to Paula Jones; his student is now flashing her "ass-end" at us all. He exposes himself -- she "moons" us. [Again, it's not a pretty sight, folks.] Indeed, she has studied his methods well! (To make a finding in Summary Judgement, the judge was required to take as fact the alleged incident. Upon doing so, she then found in favor of the Defendant(BOZO) on the basis that the incident was NOT OUTRAGEOUS by Arkansas standards!!! If you are ever in the U.S.A., by all means, avoid Arkansas. Only now the "Arkansas method [of madness]" is being "sold" from the Oval Office [along with the Lincoln Bedroom -- perhaps, for a price, BOZO will "flash" you in the Lincoln Bedroom also]) If you wonder where all this is leading [remember David Brinkley's "four more years of nonsense" and the NODToDeath=75 this date 4/4/98], let me suggest that the standards by which the world is ruled are allegedly being set in the White House [the world's only superpower]. T R U T H ---------- "A Country Without Honor" Colin Powell, a recent candidate for President/Vice President and a high-ranking military officer, was reported to have said that if he could change one thing about America it would be to restore a sense of shame. What Colin Powell does not realize, apparently, because he himself IS an honorable man, is that there is no sense of shame in a country without honor. J U S T I C E ------------- "Justice is Blind" That "Justice is Blind" ideally meant just the opposite of what is happening these days in the American judicial system -- that the guilty walk and then are free to talk (as in OJ Simpson) [and BOZO]. T H E A M E R I C A N W A Y -------------------------------------- "Government of, for and by the people" While exporting Democracy at an alarming rate, America is sadly losing all forms of democratic freedoms herself. This has been true for quite some time now and "the current regime in Washington" is by no means "government of, for and by the people." To wit: When Ronald Reagen was elected "by a landslide" three times more people did not vote, or voted for someone else, as voted for Reagan. LANDSLIDE? And it has gone downhill from there [bozo ran for office on the slogan "It's the economy, stupid" and now we have "stupidity" in office]. America is an elitist oligarchy [to be read Police State] and an abusive one at that. That not withstanding R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T ALLAHU AKBAR -- HALLELUJAH JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GraceUnlimited)

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