June 28, 2002
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "NOW GO OUT THERE AND DEVELOP A SIX-MONTH PLAN THAT SETS THE SITUATION STRAIGHT." - prior newsletter Suffice it to say that three more years of "muddying the waters" is all dubya can offer; this reminds me of something!! [dubya is like a viril man who cannot climax; so he just keeps diddling. Which raises the question: is he trying to diddle us to death?? where have I seen this before?!] More bonkers than his father ---------------------------- Where is Monica now? george bush sr was a weak man; his son is even more so. At least bigbush had a brain [even if he had no vision; "oh, the vision thing"]; littlebush has neither. All he does is spout rhetoric and even that is without inspiration. Debauchery in the White House was the hallmark of the "clinton [bozo] regime"; the debauchery of dubya aka littlebush is more sinister. His debauchery is WAR [though none has been declared]. bigbush defiled the Congress by doing an endrun to the UN and then forcing Congress to "rubberstamp" the "Gulf War"; littlebush has eliminated the Congress totally -- and is manipulating the UN which was compromised so badly by the Reagan/Bush mentality. One almost wishes for a "blue dress"! "A man of peace" ---------------- Wish we had one To call Ariel Sharon "a man of peace" is like calling a cowpie chocolate mousse. A true man of peace has to have the moral courage to do the RIGHT thing; the last time we saw such courage in the White House was when John Kennedy faced off against Kruschev in the Cuban missile crisis. The second place goes to Richard Nixon when he resigned the Presidency -- that took moral courage and was, of course, the RIGHT thing to do. A true man of peace, i.e. peace for the Middle East, must take the initiative to tell the zionists that "NO, you may not force yourselves on Palestine." Palestine, Always and Forever ----------------------------- Importance of Vocabulary 'Speaking to a meeting of NATO's North Atlantic Council in Brussels, Mossad chief, Ephraim Halevy, warned that Islamic terrorism as a whole, and suicide attacks in particular, pose a "formidable threat" to NATO member states whose "Muslim communities are rapidly developing and increasing in numbers and influence." . . .' Three words should be banned from talks about the Middle East -- "Israel" "terrorism" and "suicide". It would not be suicide for the zionist entity to dissolve the knesset and allow a true democracy to be formed -- it is the RIGHT thing to do and takes a true man of peace. Jews and Arabs CAN live together in peace and the country IS Palestine. RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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