March 14, 2002
To the new regime in Washington
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- george bush AKA dubya concerning Saddam Hussein and Iraq: "This is a nation run by a man who is willing to kill his own people by using chemical weapons; a man who won't let inspectors into the country; a man who's obviously got something to hide. And he is a problem. And we're going to deal with him." These are the rantings of a lunatic -- this man is more bonkers than his father! His father took the whole world for a ride and his son is trying the old street-wise turnaround that worked so well for his predecessor bozo aka clinton. Here we go again!? September 11, 2001 ------------------- Power to the VANGUARD It comes as no surprise to us that September 11th was extremely successful. When the West refuses to hear "make peace" they must feel "and the walls came tumbling down" -- HALLELUJAH ALLAHU AKBAR Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of Creation!!! So you see it was the "regimes" in Washington ["the capital of arrogance"] that has brought death to its own people. And it is dubya that is threatening the world with his plans to use nuclear weapons -- it is HIS refusal to reduce the nuclear stockpile; it is HIS refusal to stop nuclear testing; it is HIS refusal to acknowledge that others have a right to inspect HIS stockpiles that leads him to project onto Saddam Hussein that which he refuses to deal with in his own evil manueverings.

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