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The doomed circle of imperialistic capitalism:
United States of America
United Kingdom
the zionist entity laughingly called a democracy

tony blair on george bush [FrickandFrack]:
"I think that george bush is absolutely right to say weapons of mass destruction are a real danger in the world."
WHY THEN  is george bush aka dubya the only one who has ALL the weapons of mass destruction and the only one using them?  What about the test ban treaty, what about the war on the ozone, what about starving to death children and other innocents, what about Nagasaki and Hiroshima, what about "bombing them back to the StoneAge", what about the oligarchy that masquerades as "the oldest democracy in the world", what about the rich and powerful who deny others the right to earn a living, what about the stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction that the United States is hoarding and who is the only one who has used atomic weapons of mass destruction?