Coalition of the Immoral

Coalition of those willing to commit
      Moral Surrender

. . .Blair's own Catholic priest accused him of
                "moral surrender" over Iraq. "

EDUCATION PROJECT        updated: 23 March, 2003

PVN Video: Veterans United Against the War: On the eve of Veterans' Day, 2002, various organizations including Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Vets Against the War, Gulf War Vets for Common Sense, Black Vets for Social Justice, and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade came together in a meeting at Local 1199 in New York City. Included: urgent information about gulf war syndrome and depleted uranium

International Appeal to Ban DU By former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark

2nd Edition: Metal of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium--How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers & Civilians with DU Weapons, excerpts from the book produced by the DU Education Project

Metal of Dishonor--Depleted Uranium: the Pentagon's Secret Weapon--companion video to the book

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