USofA "the GANG that couldn't shoot straight"

Shooting "friends"; missing "enemies"

Iraq: Saddam cousin alive; Brother of Barzani wounded

The bombs also critically wounded Wajy Barzani, brother of the Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani and the commander of the Kurdish special forces, who was flown to a hospital in Germany.

Ali Hassan al Majid

Asked whether Ali Hassan al-Majid, a cousin of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, had been killed when U.S. forces bombed his house /firing on civilians again/ in the southern city of Basra early on Saturday, Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf told reporters in Baghdad: "Let them (bask) in their illusions."

Mohammed al Sahaf -- Iraqi Information Minister

Mohammed al Sahaf, Iraqi Information Minister

 April 06, 2003 al Bawaba

Russian diplomatic convoy fired on - on way out from Baghdad;  Iraq claims to kill 50 US soldiers

The convoy carrying the Russian ambassador to Iraq and diplomatic staff was attacked on the road from Baghdad to Syria and there are several injured, a Russian foreign ministry spokesman said.

"The car convoy with members of the Russian embassy in Iraq, including the ambassador, came under attack leaving Baghdad in the direction of the Syrian border," the spokesman told AFP. He said officials did not yet know if the envoy himself was among the injured.

The Russian foreign ministry summoned the US and Iraqi ambassadors to Moscow "urgently and in a harsh way", the spokesman said, adding that it demanded "they take all possible measures to ensure the security of Russian citizens."

President Vladimir Putin has been informed about the incident, the Kremlin press service said.

Russian ambassador to Iraq Vladimir Titorenko left Baghdad for Damascus early Sunday as US troops advanced on the Iraqi capital.

Meanwhile, Iraq said its troops destroyed or damaged 16 US tanks close to Baghdad airport overnight and killed around 50 US soldiers. "Republican Guards are still tightening the noose around the US enemy in the area surrounding the airport," said Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf.

"We destroyed six tanks and damaged 10 others and killed 50 of the enemies' forces." He claimed Iraqi troops had shot down two US Apache helicopters in a town south of Baghdad.

They also destroyed a number of other tanks in various clashes in central and southern Iraq, he said. (

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