dubya's CABAL

Dr. DEATH -- paul wolfowitz 

"wolf at the door" of the USA

The "wolf at the door" of the USA -- a REAL pinhead -- so THIS is where dubya got his "doctrine" -- I knew he did not think that up himself!!

Deception and outright lies are the hallmarks of this CABAL which has hijacked an already illegitimate usofa government.  DECEPTION AND OUTRIGHT LIES -- continuously the policy of dubya /and being used with regard to Ali Hassan Al Majid/.

The adherents of the so-called "Wolfowitz cabal," pushing the "Clash of Civilizations" theory, are nothing less than "an enemy within" the United States, a network that cuts across the Defense Department, the State Department, the White House, and the National Security Council. This report is not a "good guys" versus "bad guys" description of the Bush Administration; rather it is a warning that this cabal is a close-knit rogue network that is trying to hijack U.S. policy . . .

The cabal bears a dangerous resemblance to the "secret parallel government" . . . that ran Iran-Contra. In fact, some of the cabal members now in the Bush Administration are convicted criminals as a result of their activity in /iranContra/"!

. . . The group wants to obliterate Iraq, put Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority on the terrorism list (if not the obituary list), and declare war on nation-states.

He wanted to establish the "doctrine" that the United States would hit a country "anywhere, anytime" based on secret evidence. . .


The "Wolfowitz cabal" is out to destroy any potential for a Middle East peace, and simultaneously is determined to crush Eurasian economic development centered around cooperation among Europe, Russia, and China.

Negroponte /US Ambassador to UN and , "notorious insider in the Iran-Contra operation, who was accused of collaborating with narcotics-linked military death squads"/  echoed Wolfowitz's so-called gaffe, writing, "We may find that our self-defense requires further action with respect to other organizations and states" (emphasis added). The statement implicitly targetted Iraq, Syria, and Sudan, all countries which are on the State Department's list of countries that support terrorism. The statement violated promises the United States had made, that it would limit "coalition" action to redressing the attack of Sept. 11. excerpted above.


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