Foremost Right of Return

AL-AHRAM WEEKLY HAMAS: RESISTANCE IS THE OPTION 26 Sept. - 2 October 2002 Issue No. 605

The real task facing the Palestinian people is ending the occupation, not building a state. Once the occupation is over, the state will be a forgone conclusion.
In the absence of justice, there can be no peace.

Abdul Aziz al Rantisi

Al-Rantisi . . .
"/Abbas/ has denied the sufferings of the Palestinian people and just remembered that the Palestinian people are terrorists, killing the Jews. . .  the sufferings before the world has become that of the Jews, and we do not have sufferings, and that the problem is about the Jews and Abu Mazin came to solve it for them."
In remarks to the Israelis, al-Rantisi said:
 "we cling to the
'right of return'
 of which
 Abu Mazin
 gave no mention."

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