FIVE ALIVE AND FOUR DEAD -- FIRST american casualties


american Casualties

CAMP XRAY another fine example of the USofA,UK hypocrisy re:Geneva Conventions
The Daily Mirror, which commented in part:
       This  is what is being done in the name of humanity, civilisation and the British people.  These prisoners are trapped in open cages, manacled hand and foot, brutalised, tortured and humiliated. We are assured they are cruel, evil men, though not one has been charged, let lone convicted, of any offence. Yet that does not justify the barbaric treatment they are receiving from US forces. Barbarism which is backed by our Government. . . .
We already know from the Kandahar photographs that all of these prisoners were subjected to sensory deprivation while en-roue to Cuba, a time period of more than thirty hours. The prime objective of this was total disorientation, which would have been achieved. We know they were forced to wear gloves, meaning their tactile senses [touch] were severely limited. We know they were forced to wear full-face hoods, meaning their visual senses were neutralized, and, at best, their auditory senses [hearing] severely affected


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