USofA and UK cannot have it both ways
You cannot launch a war that flouts all international accord and all international law; that flouts the UN; that flies in the face of the entire world of peace- loving people and then scream "bloody murder" [if you'll pardon my "French"] when the Iraqis defend themselves to the death -- of their enemies.  So be it.

U.S. fears soldiers executed
Blair also suspects Iraq killed two British POWs

WASHINGTON, March 27 Iraq has executed prisoners of war, the Pentagons No. 2 general said Wednesday night as he listed what he called unprecedented Iraqi violations of the laws of war.


EXAMPLE SET BY USofA,UK,and zionist entity
Bulldozing Protestors -- Is That Allowed by International Law?

18 March 2003

Rep. Jim McDermott's statement on death of Rachel Corrie

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) made the following statement regarding the death of American Rachel Corrie in the Gaza Strip.

March 18, 2003

I am saddened and horrified by the death of Rachel Corrie on March 16. The U.S. must require -- and the /zionist entity/ government must provide -- all of the facts about what happened on Sunday.

What we know is terrible: a young, unarmed woman was run over and killed by a D-9 armored bulldozer driven by a member of the /zionist entity/ security forces.

What we must find out is important: How could the bulldozer driver fail to see a brightly dressed woman with a bullhorn? What orders are the drivers given? How are they trained? What are their "rules of engagement" with protestors?

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