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What Kind of Arabs Are Those?

Change USofA Regime

"The U.S. and Britain have simply announced, very clearly and loudly, that they are violent criminal states that are intent on destroying totally the fabric of international law, a fabric that has been built up laboriously over many years. They have announced that they will do as they please and will use violence as they please, independently of what anyone else thinks." Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the founder of modern linguistic science and one of the most important academic-intellectual figures of the post-War world.

What Kind of Arabs Are Those? by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Dulaimi
While international support of Iraq increases, whether official or popular, and the old and young from all over the world are coming to Baghdad to be human shields, protecting the just cause and humane will, against the barbarous evil American administration and its cheap despicable lackey Blair; and while demonstrations spread all over the world for the first time in history in defense of Iraq; and positive changes take place in the attitudes of many governments in different continents to prove that the free reasoning world rejects all kinds of aggression and the insolence of the Bush administration .. . While all this goes on and gives us a sense of pride because we Iraqis were able by our will, sacrifices, and steadfastness to prove to the world that when free living people believe in their ability, hold to their principles, control consciously their feelings, digest their history and culture, they can achieve victory on their enemies. This is what happened not only for Iraq but for all the world, who found in Iraq the great example /they/ must follow despite what some say that Iraq is only a small country; because what Iraq gave, proves that such a giving can only be given by a very great country. This encouraged several to leave their fear and hesitancy, and to say what should have been said from the beginning -- to serve the interests of their countries /and/ those of Iraq. While all this was going on we were surprised by the weakness displayed by the Arab governments who did not contain themselves /but sold/ out Iraq to keep their illicit interests /and/ used force against their people to prevent them from supporting Iraq by words or otherwise. We were not the only people shocked and disappointed by the weak statement of the Arab Foreign Ministers after their last meeting, for all the foreigners who left fear behind them and supported Iraq were shocked by it. Why, some of those Ministers even tried to cancel the idea of holding an Arab summit!! Just what kind of Arabs are those?