Wednesday 04/09/2003 6:14:17pm
Name: Salah
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Comments: The heist
for thousands of years, they never stopped coming. thieves and robbers, from everywhere, looting a chest of treasures in a different world, a third world they call us , in spite of the fact that we were here first .
Vampires and leaches, vultures and pirates, in clouds of dust, balls of fire, and pillars of smoke, and they lie and they lie, and they deny that we can hear the screams of our children when they die, a tear of fear in the eye, wondering why, babies are brunt alive,
in the name of freedom. freedom to enslave another human being, Freedom to rob our treasure chest, freedom to take someone's home, land, or even a whole nation and keep their righteous owners held hostages for 55 years in refugee camps, rob people from their freedom, their oil, rivers, waterways, self-governing, rob people from the right to keep their heritage, religions and traditions, history & culture.
and we pray and we pray, and once in a while, God answers our prayers, and some one like NASSER comes along and blows the whistle on the HEIST

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