applicable to dubya's criminal assault on Iraq,
his so-called "roadmap" to a totally-compromised "Palestinian state",
and his lies and obfuscations in general.
St. Thomas Aquinas
The value of justice can be measured also by the evil of injustice.  The unjust man (dubya) despises the rights and the persons of his fellowmen.  He takes what is not his without regard for the rights of others.  The money(looting Iraq - museum, gold, etc), the good name(demonizing Saddam, Arafat, and others), the property (Palestine, Iraq, and, need I say it, OIL), even the life of his neighbor (assassination attempts "decapitate the Iraqi government"; thousands of Iraqi soldiers; and civilians at last count approximately 7000) he will destroy in pursuit of his own selfish ends.  In this way he becomes an evil force destroying the unity of society.  Every unjust man is a threat to the peace and order of human social living.  As the number of the unjust increases, the stability of social life dies.  Men lose their incentive to work for themselves or for the common good.  Suspicion and hatred replace trust and love in the hearts of men.  The law of force and cunning ("preemption") replaces the law of justice (Rule of Law).
Osama bin Laden
As to america, I say to it and its people a few words:
I swear to God that America will not live in peace before peace reigns in Palestine, and before all the army of infidels depart the land of Muhammad, peace be upon him.
don't make me come down there!
Right Can and Will Triumph Over Might

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