Blair's BLARE is BARED

Clare Short
Resigned in protest of Blair's Iraq folly

Of Irish ancestry, Ms Short was born in Birmingham on 15 February 1946. She was educated at St Paul's Grammar School, Birmingham, and at the Universities of Keele and Leeds. She graduated as Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science.

Former International Development Secretary, Clare Short, who resigned due to disagreements over the /British/ government's handling of the Iraq war, accused Blair of putting political spin on the intelligence information to create a sense of urgency.

                   Blair duped us all along.
 We were misled.
 We were deceived.

Civilian deaths resulting from that deception:

Blair's Blare is Bared
Moral Surrender AND Innate Stupidity


. . . for Blair, the backlash began last week when the prime minister's often-stated pre-war claim that Saddam could launch doomsday weapons within 45 minutes came into question.

Saddam's deployable stock of chemical and biological weapons was the one argument that won Blair support for the war.

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